My name is Khalil Anwar Shah Hashmi from Pail Piran District Khushab, now living in Wah Cantt. For a while I have been resarching on family tree of our Grandfathers’ Pir Khowaja Noori, Bhauddin Zakria Multani and Asad Bin Hashim. My goals are to prepare and record an authentic family tree of our Hashmi family for our next generation. After collecting information and studying different Shajras (family tree) I came to know that no one has updated or added information in any form of record. However, I appreciate some of our elder’s efforts, maintaining some proof of our family history, especially my Grand Father Mr. Mohammad Afzal Shah. Till now, the Shajra prepared by him is more informative and updated than any other source. Beside this family tree, I am also working on my web page and inshallah I will add all the information and historical event in that web site.
Pail Piran is my village located in the beautiful valley called Soon Valley, on the highway from Sargodha to Chakwal and Islamabad. It is only 20 miles from Lahore and Islamabad motor way (Kalar Kahar exit). Pail Piran is rich in minerals such as coal, salt, and lime stone. Most of the people from my village are serving in the Army. My father Haji Anwar Shah is also a Retired Army Officer participated in wars of 1965 and 1971.

Any one who wish to help20and share the informations is most welcome. To cantact, use my email address.
Shrine of our Grand Father Pir Khaja Noori is in Pail Piran.
W asalam.

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  1. A.Q.Shah said...
    I would like to encourage your efforts and time, spending for the family of Pir Khaja Noori, day by day your web page is becomming informative.
    You are poineer in introducing the name of Pail Piran on the world web. Keep working.
    May Allah bless you and your family.

    Abdul Qayyum Shah

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